Paris Aviators and Montreal Nationals lead their respective GPL conferences. Revisiting Black Friday tweets. Donald Trump talks poker in archived footage. And more.

Black Friday through the eyes of Twitter

As the fifth anniversary of Black Friday came and went on Friday there was certainly no shortage of columns penned looking back on that fateful day. One such article was posted by EIC Lance Bradley, who assembled one of the more interesting retrospectives using almost nothing but tweets from April 15, 2011.

Unlike most of the other Black Friday anniversary offerings, Bradley managed to capture the true pulse of the poker community by using the real-time reactions that were coming in fast and furious on Twitter.

The best by far was Phil Galfond’s attempt to deal with the terrible news through comedy:

Quick Hitters

– Donald Trump offers up some advice on poker in this four-plus minute video clip taped for old US Poker Championship episodes. The most remarkable part of the video is Trump admitting he knows very little about poker… I would have expected him to be the best poker player because of the unbelievable moves he makes, but alas, it appears The Donald is mortal after all.

– If you’re a franchise based in a French speaking area you’re doing quite well in the early stages of the Global Poker League. After two weeks of action it’s the Paris Aviators on top in the Eurasia Conference, and the Montreal Nationals leading the way in the Americas Conference.

– Poker Strategy has a concise breakdown of the current controversy revolving around the World Poker Tour’s decision to institute a shot clock for the Tournament of Champions.

– In an op-ed on Friday I explained (with the help of some historical data) why I think poker is still going strong, likening it to being mildly sprained rather than broken.

– Specific details regarding California’s online poker hearing are still fuzzy, but we do have a firm date (April 27) as the GO Committee website has been updated with the details.