Antonio Esfandiari decides to donate prop bet money to charity. NFL legends at the PCA. Massachusetts Gaming Commission issues DFS white paper. And more.

Antonio will donate prop bet winnings to charity

The story of the PCA (at least up to this point) was the disqualification of Antonio Esfandiari after he peed in a receptacle under a table, as the poker superstar was unable to walk (figuratively and literally) due to a prop bet with Bill Perkins that required Antonio to lunge in lieu of walking wherever he went. After some reflection, Antonio Esfandiari decided to donate the $50k he won from Perkins to charity, and issued a lengthy and heartfelt apology letter to the entire poker community for his actions.

The letter, and the decision to donate the money to charity seemed unnecessary, as the reaction of the community was more laughter than outrage, but it likely reflects Antonio’s embarrassment over the whole situation.

Quick Hitters

– Hey PCA, you’re a HORROR SHOW! That’s the sentiment some players seem to harbor for the tournament: You can find their stories here.

– The second PokerStars strike had some unusual results, including an increase in high-stakes play.

– Massachusetts continues to lead on DFS regulation: Gaming Commission submits white paper while the AG continues to push for regulations.

– Apparently online gambling is not off the table as Pennsylvania’s legislature and governor continue to try to negotiate a budget deal.

– Can Full Tilt’s Hearthstone team create some crossover appeal between the two industries?

– Robbie Strazynski’s PCA interview tour continues! This time Robbie posted not one but two interviews, as he sat down with Chris Moneymaker and Jamie Staples.

– We have a sports star sighting at the PCA, as PokerNews snapped a pic of one of my all-time favorite players, Vince Wilfork. Vince wasn’t playing, instead he was there to root on former teammate Richard Seymour.