The Republican Party official platform ignores iGaming. It’s time for all of us to move on from the WSOP. 888 Poker launches new lottery-style Sit & Go, with a twist. And more.

WSOP hangovers are wearing off

The 2016 World Series of Poker is now on a three month hiatus, and the poker world (players, media, and fans) is now leaving Las Vegas, to recharge, or in some cases, move on to the next tournament in some far flung corner of the world.

So, as everyone’s attention refocuses on the goings on in the rest of the poker world, here’s some interesting numbers from the 2016 WSOP, courtesy of, detailing some of the records set at this year’s series… for those of you that simply can’t get enough WSOP coverage.

iGaming absent from Republican Party platform

For the first time since 2004, the Republican Party’s platform doesn’t include any anti-online gaming language, per the Poker Players Alliance’s John Pappas.

This is a bit surprising considering the Donald trump campaign had purportedly allowed Ralph Reed from Focus on the Family to craft huge swaths of the platform, which is why the party’s platform stances on social issues seems to have taken a step backward in 2016.

Quick Hitters

– 888 Poker has launched a new version of lottery-style Sit & Go’s that have taken the poker world by storm. The new game, dubbed BLAST, is a 4-man Sit & Go  with a new wrinkle… when the countdown clock at the top of the tournament screen reaches zero, all of the remaining players are All-in.

– FlushDraw’s Haley Hintze has dug up some details on the class action lawsuit several poker players filed against principles at Full Tilt Poker back in 2012. According to Hintze, the lawsuit was settled back in January.

– The Aussie Millions will turn 20 when the tournament gets underway in January of 2017, and as Jennifer Newell details, the Crown Casino is going to try to make this an unforgettable series.