DFS saga rehashed. Has the Poker players Alliance failed the community? ESPN has announced the TV schedule for the 2016 World Series of Poker. And more.

DFS 2.0

Nearly a year later, the never-ending saga of the DFS industry (that began last October and has carried straight through the winter, spring, and summer) is still going strong. Writer Don Van Natta was the latest to pull off the proverbial band-aid, thanks to an 11,000 word column on ESPN that was published yesterday. In the column, Van Natta and his interview subjects largely took the DFS industry to task on a number of fronts, which started with the inflammatory notion that the DFS industry had imploded.

Van Natta’s column led to a few rebuttals (here and here), both on social media and in other outlets. As soon as I finished reading the lengthy column I immediately had pity for Van Natta’s Twitter mentions.

PPA comes under fire

The failure of California to pass an online poker bill (again) seems to have been a tipping point for the poker community, and they are lashing out at anyone and everyone in their path who they hold responsible for the obstructionism that is taking place.

In a column at UpSwingPoker.com, David Huber tackled an issue many have shied away from, throwing some serious shade at the Poker Players Alliance. I certainly don’t agree with a lot of what Huber states, but it’s a good look at the frustrations poker players, and poker fans have with the situation.

Quick Hitters

– ESPN and the World Series of Poker have released the TV schedule for WSOP episodes. The coverage begins on September 6, and wraps up nearly two months later with the live-streamed final table on November 1.

– Is Pennsylvania the key to unlocking online gambling legislation across the United States? Here’s my take on why the Keystone State is the linchpin that could open the flood gates – and yes, I’ve run out of metaphors.

– WPT commentator and partypoker ambassador Mike Sexton will be playing in the C$500k buy-in tournament (The Canadian Grand Prix) at  the Playground Poker Club in Montreal at the beginning of the month.

– DFS took one on  the chin at a recent policy hearing in Nevada. At issue was the proposed legislation offered by the DFS industry, which was heavily criticized and largely rejected by those in attendance. LegalSportsReport.com has more on the hearing here.

– Attorney and Forbes columnist Darren Heitner took a look at the burgeoning eSports industry and compared it to the rise of poker that occurred nearly 15 years ago – my god, has it really been that long?