Historic Pennsylvania budget impasse continues; is iGaming the answer? Interview with Alex Millar. Rast and Mizzi set to fight tonight. And more.

Pennsylvania budget talks still in limbo

On the eve of New Year’s Eve, the Pennsylvania legislature and the state’s first-term governor, Tom Wolf, are still at an impasse when it comes to the state’s 2016 budget. Despite Representative John Payne’s assertions that online gaming expansion has a specific role to play, with the budget still in limbo there are still whispers that online gaming might end up being used as a compromise and funding mechanism.

Regardless of online gaming’s fate as a budget compromise, iGaming expansion will likely dominate the headlines in the Keystone State throughout 2016.

Quick Hitters

– Yesterday we brought you the story of a thread on 2+2 that was started by the company’s owner Mason Malmuth where he tried to learn the identity of one of his critics on the Internet. Well, it didn’t take long for the forums to do what they do best, as her identity was quickly uncovered. However, the story took yet another twist when her address and phone number were linked to before mods could delete them, which has touched off a mini-Twitter-storm.

– What are the potential issues with passing an online gaming bill in 2016? Poker Update has a list of five potential impediments to future iGaming expansion in the United States.

– Another day and another Lee Davy interview, this time with recently resigned PokerStars Team Online pro Alex Millar.

– Our countdown of the biggest poker stories of 2015 continues, as Part 2 of our five-part series touches on numbers 20 through 16, which includes the sale of the WPT, Alex Dreyfus’s visions, poker playing supercomputers, the return of Andy Beal, and the launch of Poker Central.

– Brian Rast and Sorel Mizzi are set to duke it out tonight in a charity fight. Here’s where you can watch them, and either be pleasantly surprised at their fighting skills, or get a good chuckle at their lack of fighting ability.