High Pulse Poker 50% Rakeback

High Pulse Poker

High Pulse Poker has a VIP program that allows players to earn 50% rakeback by raking just $500 a week. $25 in rake a week more your style? You’ll still earn 30% rakeback.  Instead of a separate programs for affiliates it’s wrapped right into the standard VIP program which means everyone has access to great referral rates. Theres no $50 refer-a-friend bonus here, you’ll earn up to 25% on your friend’s rake for life.  

Referral Code: PartTime - DOWNLOAD

Network: U.S. Players: Licensed: 24-hour Peak Traffic:
High Pulse Gaming USA NO Kahnawake Malta - LGA -- TBD

The High Pulse Poker afilliate program is open to anyone, and there are no restrictions, it is a unique model for speading poker player loyalty by allowing you to earn commission on your friend's play, and by letting them earn commission on the players they refer.  Just sign up below using referral code: PartTime to get activated for this program.

The High Pulse Poker software is unique – in a good way. The lobby is clean and functional. The game play is unique, from the way the cards are dealt, to the emoticons, to the borderless look and feel. The features are those that you would expect from a quality poker room – resizable tables, hand histories, a viewer for previous hands played, player notes, 4 color deck, chat block functionality, friend lists, and more. The software has been in beta testing for two years and it shows.

Sign-up for up to a 50% Rakeback at High Pulse Poker: 
DOWNLOAD and enter Referral Code: PartTime 

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What is Rakeback?

Poker rooms take a small cut of each pot, called the 'rake'. Some rooms offer 'rakeback', where they return part of the rake you pay, as a way to attract players. Still have questions? Watch this brief video explaining rakeback.

How Much Can I Make?

Rakeback can amount to anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars a year. Use our rakeback calculator to estimate how a rakeback deal could be worth for you.

Why Get Rakeback Through PTP?

Three words: Reputation, Rates and Rewards. We've paid millions in rakeback to thousands of players, offer the highest rakeback rates available and have a rewards program that lets you earn merchandise on top of your rakeback payments.

Can I Get Rakeback From The Room Directly?

Generally, no. If you could, then they'd have to give it to everyone. Instead, rooms keep rakeback 'quiet' by only offering it through officially approved affiliates like us.

I Already Have an Account at This Room. Can I Still Get Rakeback?

Policies vary from room to room. Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your existing account for conversion to rakeback.