A new VIP program called the Players Club was launched by Full Tilt Poker on Tuesday. With it comes a new focus on making the program fun and rewarding to recreational players, who can now potentially earn large scores. Early reports from Full Tilt is that traffic is soaring.

If you’re a frequent player who likes the more guaranteed rewards – don’t worry. You will still have the choice of participating in the Edge VIP program, but at lowered rates than before.

How Does The Deal Work?

Here’s the promotional video on largest component of the Full Tilt Poker Player’s Club – The Deal. Going forward, this is the default VIP program available at Full Tilt Poker (but you can chose the Edge as an alternative – more details on that below).

Players will receive coins as they play real money tables and tournament at Full Tilt Poker. Coins will be earned at a rate of one per $1 in generated rake.

Players can then use their Coins to play The Deal, a game similar to video poker. To play The Deal, a player will be dealt seven cards face down and then have to discard two cards to reveal their final hand. The higher your hand, the better the prize will be:

Royal Flush – A shot at the deal jackpot
Straigh Flush – $200
Four of a Kind – $20
Full House – 1,000 Full Tilt Points
Flush – $2 Ring Game Ticket
Straight – $1 Tournament Tikcet
Three of a Kind – $1k The Deal Freeroll Ticket
Two Pair – 1 Coin
One Pair – 20% Coin progress
Ace High – $1k The Deal Freeroll Satellite
High card – No prize will be awarded

Prizes will be awarded instantly. If you do not wish to play the game manually, an auto-play option is offered.

The Deal Jackpot – When you are dealt a royal flush, you will be given a chance to “spin” the wheel, which will consist of eight prize spots. Seven of the eight jackpot prizes are cash prizes ranging from $500 to $2,000. The eighth spot is the progressive jackpot prize, which started at $100,000 and grows by $0.03 every time a player participates in The Deal.

When a player hits a jackpot, they will be paid one half of the prize pool with the remaining paid out to “recent winners.”

Weekly Windfall – Another important component of the Players Club is the Weekly Windfall. Players can qualify for a $5k Weekly Windfall Flip Freeroll (held each Wednesday) by playing for real money for at least three days during the previous week.

Qualifying for two weeks in a row qualifies players for a mystery prize where they can receive up to $1,000 in cash, tournament tickets or coin packages.

Players Club Party – Full Tilt is launching the Players Club with a special limited time promotion called the Player’s Club Party. In addition to starting The Deal with a $100,000 prize pool, Full Tilt is enticing players with more perks for a limited time.

  • Players Club Party Challenges – complete a weekly challenge and be registered into a $10k Players Club Party Flip freeroll on the following Tuesday. Promotion is good through September 13th. View the easy challenges on the Players Club Party page.
  • Easier access to the Weekly Windfall – Fast track to the Weekly Windfall. Instead of playing three days during the week, you will only need to play once to be entered into the weekly $5k freeroll
  • Bonus Coin – Play at least one real money game and receive a coin straight to your account. No need to earn the normal 10 FTPs.
  • More Freerolls – Coin flip freerolls are being offered every hour through September 13th. Two coins will be awarded to players that finish in the top 100.

Earn Guaranteed Cash Rewards Through The Edge

The spirit of the Edge Rewards program continues. Players can continue to earn unlimited rakeback, but the rates will be lower than before.

In order to participate in the Edge VIP program, you will need to opt-in to the program and opt-out of the Players Club. To select a preference for VIP program, you will first need to go to “cashier” and then “promotions” from the Full Tilt Poker client.

Should you switch? If you are a more frequent player on Full Tilt Poker, you will mostly likely want to participate in the Edge versus the Players Club. To be more specific, if you rake at least $240 in a 30 day period or $700 in a 100 day period, you are going to find more benefit in The Edge.

The chart below should give you a good idea of what you can expect to earn in Full Tilt Poker rakeback from the program.

Edge Status Requirements

Status Level 30 Day Roll Average 100 Day Rolling Average Earn Rate Rakeback Equivalent
Edge 80 ($240 in Rake) 70 ($700 in rake) $1 per 100 FTPs 10%
Edge Plus 250 ($750) 150 ($1500) $1.50 per 100 FTPs 15%
Edge Prime 500 ($1,500) 400 ($4000 in rake) $2 per 100 FTPs 20%

Players can earn additional cashback up to 200% of regular rates on certain tables during designated times, which can be found designated by an “E” near the table “type” column. Edge players will receive their cashback automatically each Friday.

If you qualify for Edge but still want to try out the Players Club, you can get a taste of the gamble by using 20 Full Tilt Points to play The Deal, a large component of the Players Club.

In addition to The Edge’s cashback advantages, you will also be able to enter Edge Leaderboards to win 30-day Cashback Boosts or Tournament Tickets. Players will also be able to access to the “Bonus filled” Edge Store.