Everyone is whining at the World Series of Poker. And check out the crazy situation from the Aria $25K tournament. It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

Oops, Aria

Thread: Guy buys into Aria $125 and gets seated at $25k by mistake
It’s hard to get on the poker radar for news stories when the World Series of Poker is going on. But this story has captivated the poker world. This guy was basically freerolling the event, until he got found out. And then he bolted the premises. Weird situation. Discuss it here. Would you give it back, or would you try to do what the player was doing?


Thread: Wsop and gpi work to revamp wsop poy calculations. Controversy on twitter ensues.
We’re not sure why this is such a controversy. The WSOP can award its player of the year anyway it wants to, and the manner in which it does so affects almost no one, in the grand scheme of things. The Global Poker Index would have resulted in the same result the past two years. They are trying to create one system for poker rankings, which seems like a lot better idea than having several different ranking systems, no matter how it’s done. There are far more important issues to get worked up over. Obviously, people disagree with that take, and you can argue with them on 2+2, if you want to.


Thread: Welcome to the World Series of Whining
Thread: Flat payout structures infesting low level tournaments
It’s an annual tradition, as pros complain about just about everything that goes on at the WSOP, no matter how ridiculous. Sometimes, it’s legitimate complaining, and the 2+2 users/Twitter are just trolling. We understand that pros value sleep at the WSOP, but Jason Mercier complaining about blackout shades at Vdara is a little tone-deaf. If you can’t sleep, certainly, move hotel rooms. But maybe keep it off Twitter? Pretty much everyone in the world of poker was complaining about the content of the second thread, which is the flat payout structure of the $565 Colossus tournament, which had more than 22,000 entries.