Forum Files: Twitch = Death of Online Poker?; PokerStars’ Server Issues

Dustin Gouker : April 12th, 2015


PokerStars is having a bad week. A media outlet’s politically incorrect reference to a handicapped poker player. And is Twitch the death of online poker? It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

Ivey = King of America

Thread: Phil Ivey in new non-poker related commerical for Chrysler 300
It’s a safe bet that if Phil Ivey does anything noteworthy, it will result in a thread at 2+2. This time, Ivey appears for a couple of seconds in a commercial for Chrysler, called “The Kings & Queens of America.” Unfortunately, Ivey is not playing poker anywhere in said commercial, just looking like a badass. The consensus from the poker world is that it’s a pretty good commercial. Or at least better than the one Phil Hellmuth did for Carl’s Jr.

PokerStars problems

Thread: Pokerstars Servers are Awful
We’re not sure they are awful, but they have had their share of problems this week. The issues started cropping up on Thursday, and even resulted in pretty much a shutdown of the site at one point on Friday. Then, the problems even started spilling into the weekend and the big Sunday schedule:

This thread is dedicated to all ongoing PokerStars issues, if you want to stay up to date. It’s hard to remember PokerStars having issues this serious over an extended period of time in quite a long time. What’s the cause? We doubt we’ll find out, but players are not going to be happy if this continues.

Not cool, All-In Mag

Thread: All-In Mag Makes Fun Of Handicapped Player
We don’t know how the person who wrote the phrase “the most crippled player at a final table” — when referring to Garrett Greer (who is in a wheelchair) — thought that was a good idea. But, that’s pretty awful. Some people actually try to defend it as an accident, but there’s no way you can include the Harrington in a neck brace bit and not be trying to reference Greer’s handicap. Sometimes the PC police goes too far. This is not one of those occasions.

Not a fan of Twitch

Thread: Twitch – this gonna be the nail in the coffin
Most people have been on the Twitch bandwagon ever since online poker and the live streaming service started working in tandem a few months ago. This poster, however, is not drinking the Kool-Aid: “I don’t see another boom, all i see is 1000s of new, hungry and highly motivated regulars. And a coffin with a nail in it.” Actually some decent debate here, as some people agree, while others lay down why Twitch is great for poker, including a possible infusion of new players and money. Still others think Twitch won’t have any impact at all. We guess we’ll see who is right a few years down the road.

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