This past weekend was pretty juicy as far as Twitter drama is concerned, but outside of social media it’s been a pretty slow week in poker as everyone prepares for the WSOP Main Event. Nonetheless, in this week’s forum files, we’ve got a recap of the weekend’s biggest Twitter battle, a little bit of controversy internal to 2+2, the results of Mike McDonald’s Zoom 500 NL prop bet and one mysterious photo. Read on!

Weisner and Wilkerson accused of collusion
Thread: Melanie Weisner and Dylan Wilkinson accused of SNG team play by Jack Salter

As we reported this morning, Jack Salter took to Twitter on Saturday night to warn everyone that he believes Melanie Weisner and Dylan Wilkerson have been colluding at WSOP single-table sit-and-gos. The evidence for outright collusion is pretty flimsy, but Weisner and Wilkerson have made no secrets about the fact that they like to play tournaments together and swap 20% of their action when they do. Poker pros on Twitter generally came out in support of Weisner, but on the forums it’s a different story. Weisner has few friends in the online poker world since her involvement with Lock Poker, so it’s no surprise that the forums denizens are more likely than the live pros to take Salter’s side of things.

Timex admits defeat at Zoom 500 NL
Thread: Timex propbet beat 500 NL Zoom

Mike “Timex” McDonald is well-regarded as a live tournament player, but online and live poker are different games, as are cash games and tournaments. As an experiment, or perhaps to try to prove himself, McDonald made a prop bet earlier this year that he could turn a profit at Zoom 500 NL on PokerStars. Well, the results are in and it turns out that he can’t. After 46,325 hands and over $11,000 in losses, he’s decided to admit defeat and put an end to the experiment. Turns out that the online games are tough to beat these days – who knew?

Is 2+2 too rough on Dutch Boyd?

Thread: Dutch Boyd only plays 2-5 nl cash games ?

This is an example of a thread ending up being about something other than what the original poster intended. Dutch Boyd has said on his Twitch stream that times are tough enough in poker that he’s stuck grinding 2/5 cash games; this was apparently surprising enough to some to be worth starting a thread about. A few pages in, however, the subject of conversation changed to Boyd’s relationship with 2+2 itself. Boyd’s been involved in a number of scandals over the years, one of which involved cybersquatting the domain “” and misusing the 2+2 trademark. An apology letter for that incident is still “stickied” at the top of the News, Views and Gossip sub-forums, and apparently a number of users feel that’s petty and unbecoming, and that the time has come to take it down.

Tom Dwan playing poker in a basement somewhere
Thread: mysterious photo of tom dwan playing underground asian cash game

Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan was a big deal in online poker a few years back, but these days he’s more punchline than balla. Like Phil Ivey and some others, he’s dialed way back on tournament play and media appearances, preferring to spend most of his time at the high roller cash games in Macau. Within the forums community, however, there are a lot of people who love to see others taken down a notch, so while the mainstream poker media has mostly forgotten Dwan, speculation about him being deeply in debt and/or in some kind of trouble with the mob crops up frequently on the forums. The latest round of gossip was sparked by a photo of Dwan playing in what appears to be an underground poker game with a group of Asian players. Of course, no one seems to have any solid information about where or when the photo was taken, but it has still produced a good 17 pages of jokes, Photoshop gags and baseless rumors for your enjoyment.

Alex Weldon (@benefactumgames) is a freelance writer, game designer and semipro poker player from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.