Alex Jacob’s winning streak on Jeopardy is the talk of the poker world. And big names talk about fixing the poker economy. It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

Malmuth + Sklansky

Thread: What Happened to Sklansky and the IGaming North America Conference
2+2 owner Mason Malmuth and author David Sklansky attended the iGNA this week, and they were a part of a fascinating panel on the poker economy, and what changes could be introduced to improve it. One of their lines of thinking? You need to introduce more luck into the poker economy so that the skill gap isn’t nearly so great between regs and recs. And so far Malmuth and Lee Jones have weighed in here.

More Jacob on Jeopardy

Thread: Former poker standout Alex Jacob 6-time winner on Jeopardy Monday 4-20
Former poker pro Alex Jacob has been on a tear on the game show Jeopardy!, winning six times in a row. The poker community is fascinated with his success. And the show’s regular fans are losing their shit because of his strategy, which is closer to game-theory optimal than just about everyone else who has ever played. Anyway, good discussion, especially if you like the show and discussing its strategy.

More cash for fish?

Thread: Guy cash-rich again: Cirque sold
Guy Laliberté is close to selling the Cirque du Soleil. What this really means is Guy has a lot more money and time to lose at poker. Also, the awful puns in this thread are worth checking out.