One of the 2+2 forums favorite targets has been accused of cheating again. PokerStars may need to start a hearts and minds campaign after the company makes yet another change guaranteed to polarize the poker community. The sordid tale of the Bahamian refugee camp takes an odd, and perhaps dangerous turn.

Sorel Mizzi accused of cheating… again

Sorel Mizzi and the twoplustwo poker forums have a long and turbulent history. The poker prodigy was at first idolized by the community, who saw the Canadian as a rising star in the poker world back when he first burst on the scene in the mid-2000’s. But Mizzi was later castigated and shunned by the community, following multi-accounting accusations he at first denied, but later fessed up to.

Mizzi’s truculent and often condescending tone towards his naysayers didn’t do him in any favors, and since his initial fallout with the community he’s been hit with several other cheating accusations, ranging from multi-accounting (again), to collusion, to bottom-dealing while playing John Racener in Chinese Poker of all things. To be fair to Mizzi, none of the accusations have been proven with the exception of multi-accounting, nor is Mizzi the only big name online poker player that’s been caught using multiple accounts.

Mizzi has managed to avoid forum drama in recent years, and seemed to have his poker career back on track following a couple of good sized six-figure scores in early 2015. But Mizzi’s name recently resurfaced on 2+2, and once again, it wasn’t for anything good; it was the same old story of someone accusing him of multi-accounting, along with the secondary charge of openly conspiring to help another player.

Perhaps the bigger story is Mizzi is being accused of playing on PokerStars while in the U.S., something that if true, could result in the seizure of the funds in his online poker account by PokerStars.

PokerStars removing heads-up games

Speaking of PokerStars, you can safely bet your last dollar the site will continue to be the hottest topic of forum discussion over the next few weeks after their latest announcement. According to reports first posted on 2+2, and later verified by PokerStars, the site will be removing all non-Zoom heads-up tables on Friday, February 12.

In two days the thread has received almost 300 responses, and to say heads-up players are far from pleased would be putting it mildly. But, somewhat surprisingly, a number of posters are quite happy about the impending change, and there are no shortage of reasons why.

As some posters have indicated, heads-up poker was hurting due to bumhunting and because of the skill edge, new and casual players who sit down at heads-up tables are likely to have a very short lifespan. Furthermore, non-heads-up players will likely see more new and casual players turn up at their six-handed and full ring tables now that heads-up games have gone the way of the dodo.

Of course, there are plenty of posters saying that this change will kill heads-up poker, and blaming PokerStars for everything short of the Crusades.

Cross forum drama percolates over Bahamian refugee camp

The appalling and almost unbelievable story of a poker player leaving the Bahamas and winding up in a Bahamian refugee camp because he tried to take a bit too much money through customs was a hot topic when it first came to light. Now, two weeks later, the story, and the thread, is still going strong.

Reactions to the details relayed by the victim have died down, but in its stead is a new controversy that stems from the original tale. The resurrection of the story occurred after skeptical radio hosts decided to check into the story firsthand, by placing a call to the refugee camp and claiming to have been contacted by someone inside who was complaining about the deplorable conditions.

This caused the original poster to castigate the Poker Fraud Alert Radio hosts (the show is now hosted by owner Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles, Drexel, and DareDevil, with a steady stream of guest hosts) saying their rash idea may have put people currently living in the camp in physical jeopardy. According to the OP, phones are strictly prohibited, and if the guards have reason to suspect any contraband is being hidden they will take action – and considering his original tale of misery, the actions they’re likely to take are unlikely to be pleasant.

This has led to a bit of a back and forth between the two forums as some see it is a harmless prank (and suspect calls about the conditions aren’t uncommon) while others side with the OP, feeling it could lead to some very harsh repercussions for the people inside the camp.