Poker pros beat a computer, even though the computer’s press people said it was a tie. A poker room fight. And should chops be allowed at the WSOP? It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

Brains vs. AI

Thread: WCGRider, Dong Kim, Jason Les and Bjorn Li to play against a new HU bot
So, the poker pros beat the computer program Claudico in a two-week competition held in Pittsburgh. You can read our account of the proceedings here. Of interest at the end of this challenge, at least from the online poker community, was the fact that Carnegie Mellon University was calling the results — a $700,000+ win (in fake money) for the humans — a statistical tie. That wasn’t really flying with pros, or with 2+2 members. Clearlly, the people writing the press release for CMU are trying to portray the bot in the best possible light. We’re wondering if the programmers of Claudico actually believed it was a “tie”:

From Jason Les:

I understand where the CMU public relations team is coming from when they call this a “statistical tie”. However, I feel like the degree to which that (and additionally the “win vs money wagered” comparison used) has been pushed in the press release that was distributed to media outlets went too far and is being used to color this more favorably for their self-interest at the expense of the human’s accomplishment here.

And Isaac Haxton:

If this result doesn’t qualify as statistically significant, how likely was this challenge to generate a statistically significant result?

Polk delivered a statement at the end of the challenge. You can watch that below:

Fighting in New Orleans

Thread: New Orleans Harrah’s 40k PLO Hand – Loser of Hand Sends Goon to Attack Winner, Goon Loses Fight
Not that we condone fighting, but LOL at all of this. If you’re going to send someone to beat someone else up, they should probably be capable of winning said fight. The video from Facebook can be seen below. Did the guy picking the fight even try to win?

You never know what you'll see at the poker table Jonathan BloyenDONT MESS WITH RED BEARD

Posted by Trevor Winstead on Saturday, May 9, 2015

Chop chop

Thread: The WSOP needs to facilitate chops for the players to protect them
This really does seem like a good idea that should be implemented, and that is long overdue. Chops already happen all the time, they just aren’t facilitated or enforced by the staff of the WSOP/Rio. We don’t see the harm in money being allowed to be divided up, then you play for a little extra and the bracelet.

Soccer star signs

Thread: PokerStars signs Neymar
PokerStars made a big splash this week, inking their biggest deal with a sports star to date, signing 23-year-old Brazilian phenom who plays for FC Barcelona. We’re guessing this acquisition didn’t come cheap, and it signals PokerStars’ desire to continue to make in-roads in Brazil and Latin America. There was also talk this week that Cristiano Ronaldo, another huge soccer star, could be joining PokerStars.