f you follow Doyle Brunson on Twitter, you’ve likely noticed by now that his account has been hacked. Texas Dolly is off the air, and in his place is an an account named “So Damn Relatable!” which claims to be “Tweeting the most relatable things in 140 characters or less!”

It isn’t only his Twitter account that has been hacked, however. Andrew Robl was at Brunson’s table last night and tweeted on behalf that his email has been taken over as well:

It seems that the hacker has access to his instant messaging as well, based on a funny conversation that Jeff Madsen had with someone who was clearly not the real Doyle:

Chances are that it was Brunson’s email which was hacked first, then used to hijack the other accounts as well. Once a hacker has someone’s primary email, it’s trivial for them to gain access to whatever else they want by using password reset requests. How the hacker obtained Brunson’s email password is unknown, but based on the Madsen’s IM conversation, a stolen phone seems like a possibility.

It’s not clear what the hacker’s actual plan is and maybe there isn’t one. The conversation with Madsen appears to be an attempt to impersonate Brunson and obtain his contacts’ personal information, yet there was no such attempt made with the Twitter account: the hacker has only made three tweets, all at around 9 PM last night, Las Vegas time. The tweets are all generic “meme” type images and video seemingly aimed at a young female demographic, and definitively unlike anything Brunson would be tweeting.

Brunson has over 416,000 Twitter followers, so the account has immense reach and therefore a lot of potential value, but nothing that’s been done with it so far has any obvious purpose to it: no links to products, scam sites, other Twitter accounts or anything else which could potentially profit the hacker.

Given the obviousness of the hack and Brunson’s status, it’s likely that he’ll get his passwords reset and regain control of his accounts in short order. That may mean we never find out what the hacker is actually trying to accomplish. Whatever happens from here, we’ll keep you updated.

Update: It appears that Brunson has regained control of his account, though he hasn’t yet deleted the spammy tweets. Assuming that it’s actually him now tweeting, then the hijack lasted less than 24 hours.

Second Update: Apparently the problem is not fixed. Brunson and the hacker – who has given his name as “Aiden” – now both seem to have access to the account and the hacker is posting a rapid-fire series of tweets insulting Brunson and the Twitter account @KEEMSTARx, whoever that is, as well as a bunch of random obscenity and pornographic images.

Third Update: Since we’ve begun reporting on the latest developments in this story, we’ve been tweeted at by a couple of different Twitter accounts offering “helpful” input. Looking at those accounts, both seem to tweet sporadically, but in bursts of posts which all include similar links or hashtags. Ultimately, this seems to be the purpose of the hack – to generate attention and then use the resulting news coverage to direct traffic to these shill accounts.

Alex Weldon (@benefactumgames) is a freelance writer, game designer and semipro poker player from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.