Pot Limit Omaha legend Cullen Connors (known online as ‘Cumicon’) joined Joey Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast Tuesday.

Cullen has spent the last five years of his life “grinding” the high stakes Pot Limit Omaha games across a wide range of poker sites, turning an overall profit of $7.4 million before recently announcing his retirement from the game.

Initial observations from the 100-minute segment show that Connors is still snapping out of his online poker routine. Unlike high roller tournament player Fedor Holz, Cullen plans to remain retired from the game and looks forward to spending time away from the online poker tables he has dedicated his life to for years.

Following is the full Poker Life Podcast episode along with Timestamps so our readers can follow along.

Cullen Connors (Cumicon) Poker Life Podcast Timestamps

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(0:00) Intro, $7.4 million USD online poker Pot Limit Omaha winner ‘Cumicon’ Cullen Connors
(1:26) $7.4 million profit is worth a more GTO introduction, Dani ‘Ansky’ Stern shout-out
(2:54) Cumicon’s famous graph, the reasons behind Cullen Connors’ retirement from poker
(5:22) Living abroad to play online poker, Canadian visitor Visas are only valid for 6 months with option to renew
(7:25) Lack of high stakes online poker options for players located within the United States
(8:12) Cumicon’s epic 5-year high stakes online poker grind details
(9:48) What was Cullen Connors’ online poker study routine? Cumicon learned PLO by watching Phil Galfond videos.
(12:09) Cumicon’s retirement plans, snowboarding, biking and surfing
(14:00) Cumicon contemplated online poker “exit plan” for years, is relieved to be away from the grinder lifestyle
(16:03) Cullen Connors sacrificed many social graces to focus on real money internet poker
(19:15) Cullen wants to check out “mountains” in western United States (Wyoming, Colorado)
(20:10) Poker Life Podcast viewers suggest Las Vegas #OOL activities, origin of ‘Cumicon’ screen name
(21:39) Cumicon’s PLO “Power Rankings” and whether Cullen was a “bumhunter” or took on all competition
(24:03) High stakes player BERRI SWEET discussion
(25:33) Cullen Connors always sold action when playing nosebleed stakes online
(29:15) Cullen says toughest player was Ben “Ben86” Tollerene
(30:56) What YouTube or Twitch videos did Cullen watch when he wasn’t grinding? Cumicon is a fan of cash games.
(33:00) Cullen’s breakdown of stakes, VPIP when he was grinding PLO including strategy insight
(35:28) Did Cullen bounce strategy ideas off of friends during his grind or while coaching?
(37:58) Media coverage and hype surrounding Cumicon’s retirement announcement & graph posting
(38:50) How likely is there to be another PLO high stakes winner similar to Cumicon in future?
(40:36) Did Cullen spend time figuring out who “MartingaleFTW” on ACR is?
(43:50) Cullen’s awesome $500k profit in three days versus Viktor “Isildur1” Blom at $25/$50 PLO
(45:29) Was Cullen’s PLO style conservative? Cumicon thinks Blom’s “tilt” game is more difficult to deal with.
(47:22) Cullen regrets not taking bigger pieces of himself at high stakes
(50:24) Cumicon should be extremely proud of his poker accomplishment in spite of regrets over sacrifices made
(52:40) Controlling emotions as a high stakes professional poker player
(53:36) Has Cullen used solvers? What are his thoughts on software such as PLO Monker Solver?
(55:07) At one point, Cullen was playing roughly 98% of PLO hands out of the Big Blind
(56:47) The old-school Yahoo! Checkers grind. Cullen is 30 years old. Checkers bots were prevalent in early 2000s.
(59:50) More on Cullen’s lifestyle while grinding online poker
(1:01:09) Cullen played NLHE from 2006-2010 before deciding to focus on heads-up
(1:02:13) Reminiscing over PokerTableRatings — comments were “best part” of PTR
(1:03:28) What separates Top 10 PLO players from Top 100?
(1:04:15) Papi says high stakes players are much better at exploiting weaknesses than mid-to-low stakes players
(1:07:57) Cullen’s thoughts on Phil Galfond as a poker player and industry representative?
(1:08:53) Cullen’s mom keeps up with her son’s progress — lurks HSDB content
(1:10:01) Which online poker regs behaved unethically? Another shout-out to MartingaleFTW on Americas Cardroom
(1:13:38) Papi’s happiest poker moments of his life. The problem with short-stacking motherf*ckers
(1:15:57) How to correctly enunciate POT Limit Omaha correctly
(1:16:41) What makes PLO a greater game than No Limit Hold’em?
(1:17:07) Doug Polk wants to know what Cumicon thinks of his PLO game — shout-out to calling stations
(1:19:10) Papi gripes about Doug Polk’s love for No Limit Hold’em
(1:19:55) Cullen’s plans for the holidays
(1:21:08) Papi talks about the “stay inside” habits of online poker grinders
(1:23:01) All successful poker players MUST purchase a $5k watch at some point in their careers — index funds & crypto
(1:24:25) How did Cullen deal with downswings when grinding high stakes online poker?
(1:26:39) Preflop folding ranges in PLO. Does such a thing even exist?
(1:27:30) Papi never competed against Cumicon — but Cullen did battle versus Sean Lefort
(1:28:47) The best way to improve poker skills is to battle against top-notch competition
(1:30:47) Papi threatens Doug Polk with NLHE/PLO combo-smackdown. Has Cullen watched Doug’s videos?
(1:31:36) Business proposition for Cumicon
(1:32:15) Cullen claims he has been “pretty undate-able during his high stakes grind
(1:32:51) How distracting relationships can be for a serious online poker grinder
(1:33:34) Cumicon’s thoughts on straight-up GTO strategy
(1:35:39) The Cumicon Poem
(1:37:26) Advice for aspiring poker pros
(1:39:47) Cullen needs a social media account — #SnowboardCumicon / #MountainCumicon
(1:41:08) Papi’s Outro — homage to Cullen ‘Cumicon’ Connors — final thoughts