Steve’s Dilemma: Avoiding Hyper-Narrow Ranges

Steve Ruddock recently folded pocket Kings preflop on live television. However one feels about the fold, Steve’s real error came on the previous action and illustrates an important point about ranges.

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When to 3Bet in NLH Live Cash Games

In Live No Limit Cash Games focus on three betting for value and three betting to loosen up your image. Herschelw explains.

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Quick Tip: The Shake Your Head and Raise Tell

Part Time Poker Quick Tip

Jerry “HerschelW” Watterson shares advice on how to spot a common tell.

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Quick Tip: Determining Pre-flop Raise Amount

Jerry “HerschelW” Watterson shares advice on how best to size your pre-flop raises in NL cash, specifically in live cash games with limpers.

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Quick Tip: 3Bet Calling Range in NL Cash

Jerry “HerschelW” Watterson explains why playing it safe with your 3 bet calling range is the right play.

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Bringing Down the Betting Machine


You’ve identified the bully at the table. Here are some strategies for profiting from their tendencies.

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Quick Tip: Tighten up in Early Position in Live Cash

Jerry “Herschelw” Watterson discusses why it is particularly important to play tight in early position in live No Limit Holdem cash games.

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Strategy with Foucault: Having a Plan for a Hand

When you’re playing a hand, you should have a plan for the hand. Andrew “foucault” Brokos takes you through the thought process in this strategy article.

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Beating the Squeeze: Flat Calling with Big Hands

Big pot

Learn when to flat call with your big hands to trap your opponents and get paid off.

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When To Float On, When To Float Away

Poker Strategy

In this week’s Chipping Up, we explore the concept and context of the float in NLHE.

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