Triple Draw with a Twist: What’s an Extra Card Worth?

High stakes pros are playing a Triple Draw variant we’ll call ‘Straddle Six.’ Putting in two bets blind, under the gun gets you an extra card, but is it worth it?

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Forum Files: Best of Poker Tells/Behavior

Taking a break from the usual Forum Tells focus on ‘News, Views and Gossip,’ we check out what’s going on in the Poker Tells and Behavior subforum.

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Poker Rankings Update: Gorodinsky Closes Out WSOP PoY

With the conclusion of the WSOPE, the GPI WSOP Player of the Year Race is settled. The number one spots on other leaderboards are likewise holding steady.

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Poker Rankings Update: Kaverman Closing in on Mercier, Zinno

Byron Kaverman is closing in on both Jason Mercier and Anthony Zinno, while Mustafa ‘lasagnaaammm’ Kanit is very close to being in the Top 10 for both live and online poker simultaneously.

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Steve’s Dilemma: Avoiding Hyper-Narrow Ranges

Steve Ruddock recently folded pocket Kings preflop on live television. However one feels about the fold, Steve’s real error came on the previous action and illustrates an important point about ranges.

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The Importance of Image in Live Play


There are many differences between live poker and online poker; one of the biggest is the extent to which your opponents are paying attention to your style of play.

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What the Heck is Six-Plus Hold’em?

Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan appear in a promotional video for a game being played in Macau called Six Plus Hold’em. The funny thing is that they forget to tell you what the game actually is.

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When to 3Bet in NLH Live Cash Games

In Live No Limit Cash Games focus on three betting for value and three betting to loosen up your image. Herschelw explains.

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Learning From Televised Poker

Pro player and coach Matthew Hunt discusses practical ways to improve your game by watching poker on TV.

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Live Poker – Concealing Your Tells

Live dealer poker

Ever stop to think what information you’re giving away at the tables from the way you dress, act and talk?

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