Shifting Trends Pt. 2 – Passivity is the New Aggression

For much of the past decade, the general trend in poker strategy was towards ever-increasing aggression, but this has begun to reverse itself.

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Three Reasons to Make Exploitative Adjustments

Exploitative Adjustments

Carroters from takes a look at three types of adjustments we should make during hands.

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Train your brain to play poker like the pros

Courtesy of PokerStars, the following infographic outlines the brain functions, nutrition and physical activity you need to become a poker pro.

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Decision Making in Poker- The Top Down Method

Poker Decision Making - Top Down Methodolgy

Gareth “Gazellig” James applies the Top Down Methodology to a MTT hand recently discussed with his students.

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Quick Tip: Maximizing Value from Poker Strategy Forums

Part Time Poker Quick Tip

Poker strategy forums are one of the best places to improve your game. Take Joe Towse’s simple advice to make the most of your strategy forum work detailed in this Quick Tip.

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When to 3Bet in NLH Live Cash Games

In Live No Limit Cash Games focus on three betting for value and three betting to loosen up your image. Herschelw explains.

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Constructing Bluffing Ranges: Three Key Considerations

Joe “TheDefiniteArticle” Towse offers some valuable bluffing advice both beginners and advanced players can benefit from.

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The Poker Thought Process: Critical Review of REM

Poker Strategy

Joe “TheDefiniteArticle” Towse reviews the popular poker thought process known as Range-Equity-Maximize and offers some suggestions on how it can be improved upon.

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Learning From Televised Poker

Pro player and coach Matthew Hunt discusses practical ways to improve your game by watching poker on TV.

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Quick Tip: Self-evaluating Tilt

Part Time Poker Quick Tip

Jerry “HerschelW” Watterson offers concrete advice on how to best manage and avoid tilt.

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