Poker Rewards Enthusiasm, but Punishes Innocence

James Guill writes that poker needs more enthusiasm, and he’s right. But enthusiasm and caution are not mutually exclusive, and criticism is not negativity.

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The Poker Media Ecosystem Explained

The poker media is often criticized as being overly pro-industry, but is it all about money? Here’s how to use the voice you didn’t know you had.

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Remko Rinkema vs. Jason Mo: a Podcast Not to be Missed

Writer Remko Rinkema and professional Twitter troll Jason Mo will face off this Friday on Joey Ingram’s podcast, to debate ethics in poker journalism.

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The Difference Between Playing Poker and Teaching It

Daniel Negreanu has said that only elite players can produce the best poker books and videos, but there’s more to teaching than just knowing the material.

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If you’re looking for a wealth of information about online poker and where to play, is a good place to start.

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Melted Felt review

melted Felt

A review of online poker humor site Melted Felt, an Onion-style news parody site

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Poker Verdict Review


We review another entry into the increasingly crowded field of online poker magazines. Poker Verdict – worth your bookmark?

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Flop Turn River Review


Some sites choose to focus on one aspect of poker or another such as news, strategy, or maybe even a forum. There are some though that attempt to cover every facet of the game and definitely falls into this description as they hit pretty much all the categories with regards to Texas Hold’em. [...]

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Hard-boiled Poker review


Most people like taking credit for their work if they have the option to do so or at least enjoy putting their name out there to be seen. However, the author of prefers to go operate anonymously going by the moniker of Short-Stacked Shamus while dispensing numerous posts about poker.

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Poker Road Review

Poker Road

Movies and TV dramas have made their attempts at depicting what really goes on with poker players behind the scenes and on the road. And so far most of them have failed miserably in delivering anything that’s even close to being realistic about the subject (anyone ever watch the old ESPN series “Tilt”?). [...]

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