California Online Poker Bill Takes Historic Step Forward, Passes Committee Vote

California’s legislature took a step forward toward allowing online poker in the state on Monday.

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If You Want Regulated Online Poker In California, Make Your Voice Heard Now

An important hearing will take place in the California legislature on Monday that will have a major impact on the future of online poker in the state.

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Washington, Mississippi Join California in 2015 Online Gaming Push

Bot Ring Uncovered at PokerStars

Mississippi and Washington have recently introduced legislation that would regulate online gaming and online poker, joining California as states in the U.S. considering the possibilities of online gaming.

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Report: Online Poker Bill Dead in California for 2014

One of two pieces of legislation that would regulate and legalize online poker in California is dead, at least for this year, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

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Report: U.S. Online Poker Bill Dead for 2012

New updates for Harry reid online poker bill

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the Reid/Kyl online poker bill will not be moving forward in the current session of Congress.

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Casino Industry: Poker is Answer to California Budget Woes

As the state of California continues to grapple with budget issues, the local casino industry is seizing the opportunity to position regulated online poker as a powerful weapon in the budget arsenal.

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California Online Poker Bills: A Closer Look

The state of California currently has two active pieces of legislation that would regulate intrastate online poker. What would these bills mean for the state?

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2nd Poker Bill Introduced in California

Sen. Rod Wright introduces another poker bill, SB 45, on Thursday that would create a regulatory framework for online poker in California.

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California Tribes Pushing Online Poker Bill

California Gaming Tribes are trying to pass online poker bill before Reid bill can pass

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Strong Push for Intrastate Poker Brewing in California

As New Jersey moves quickly to regulate intra-state gambling, another state looks to get in on the ground floor of the online gambling industry in the US.

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