Lusardi Sentenced to Five Years, Terrible Joke Ensues

Christian Lusardi has been sentenced to five years in prison for counterfeiting chips, but what can be done about the terrible ‘flush’ jokes?

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Oregon Seeking to Outlaw Light Three Betting Preflop

Oregon Flag

Another setback for online poker players today, as the State of Oregon announced legislation that aims to outlaw the common practice of three betting light by residents playing online poker.

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Vince McMahon Buys the World Series of Poker

hellmuthchair2 copy

In this parody article we examine the implications of a WWESOP.

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Fox Announces Plans for “Low Stakes Poker”


A satirical news story imagining how High Stakes Poker might look if the stakes weren’t so high

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Obama Challenges Ahmadinejad to HU4ROLLZ


In this parody news article, we suggest an easier way for the US and Iran to reconcile their differences – HU4ROLLZ!! ++11

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Full Tilt Poker Signs Stevie Wonder


Is there anyone FTP and PokerStars haven’t signed? We mock the endorsement stampede in this parody news article.

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Phil Hellmuth Tries to Dodge Bullet, Fails


We mock Phil Hellmuth’s legendary self-confidence in this parody news article

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World Poker Tour Rebrands as Wyoming Poker Tour


Time to kick the WPT while they’re down. We take our shot with this satirical news story about their best hope for a profitable future.

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