Famous Hand Histories from the Movies: Rounders, Casino Royale, and Maverick

Cinema’s most famous poker hands – Saved as hand histories.

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Lance Bradley to Wear Same Shirt for a Year for Eight Grand

How much money would it take for you to wear the same article of clothing every day for a year? For PocketFives’s Lance Bradley, the answer is $8,000.

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PokerStars Marketing Finds Solid Penis Sticky to Handle

A user by the name of ‘Solid Penis’ has left a hot mess in the lap of PokerStars communications and marketing. How will they Spin-and-Go this one?

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Colossus II ‘Nearly’ Smashes Record as Dzmitry Urbanovich Almost-Crushes Jonathan Jaffe

Colossus II exceeded all expectations this year, except the ones it didn’t, just as Urbanovich won all his games vs. Jon Jaffe, except the ones he lost.

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Dealer Put Down After Gorilla Accidentally Admitted to Card Room

Echoing last week’s events in Cincinnati, a California casino had to put down one of its dealers after a gorilla was accidentally admitted to the premises.

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Forum Files: Popularity Contest

It doesn’t take much to catch hate from the poker forums: scamming dough, throwing chips and sucking toes are all equally bad. Is there anyone they do like?

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PokerStars Launches Spin-and-Rake for Cash Games

PokerStars has unveiled its latest offering, cash games with a randomized rake. Great new concept, or something you’d have to be a fool to play?

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Poker Tells: Is Your Opponent Actually a Horse?

You’ve heard poker players talk about their ‘horse’ in a tournament, but do you know how to spot one?

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Lusardi Sentenced to Five Years, Terrible Joke Ensues

Christian Lusardi has been sentenced to five years in prison for counterfeiting chips, but what can be done about the terrible ‘flush’ jokes?

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Forum Files: How to Put a Forum on Tilt

Almost anything will cause half of the users on any given forum to fly into a rage. Getting a rise out of an entire forum is harder.

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