The old Bank of Timex relaunches as PokerShares. Daniel Negreanu sets some lofty goals for 2017. These stories and more in today’s Hit and Run.

PokerShares Launches Beta

A new way to get action on your favorite poker players is now live. It’s called PokerShares and its being launched by Mike McDonald aka “Timex”. It’s similar to McDonald’s short-lived “Bank of Timex”, which lasted less than a week during 2013.

Heralded as the website “to bet on all things poker,” PokerShares claims they will be able to balance staking market by undercutting aggressive markups, guaranteeing payments and allowing users to bet on poker’s biggest stars. Users of the site can even request a bet if it is not available. PokerShares is regulated in Europe and is not available to clients who reside in the United States.

Below is a detailed look at how PokerShares works.

Quick Hitters

– Daniel Negreanu has set his New Years resolutions, which he has posted on his Full Contact Poker blog. Negreanu recounts how his 2016 goals performed, as well setting his goals for 2017. Many of items on the list are repeats from last year, but there are also new bold goals on the list, including qualifying for the November 9. Drinking less soda or walking more often doesn’t seem as exciting.

– The PPC Poker Tour appears to be falling apart before our very eyes. But how can poker players avoid similar scams in the future and what can players do to protect themselves?

– Belarus-born high stakes pro “limitless” is quickly moving up the ranks of the high stakes games and is now playing $50/$100.

– Another poker players versus artificial intelligence match is scheduled for January 11th at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. Dubbed “Brains Versus Artificial Intelligence,” the new match will pit human players against an improved version of the AI. The players will play 120,000 hands over the course of 20 days. A previous version of the AI earned fewer chips against 3 out of 4 of the players. Daniel McAulay, Jason Les, Dong Kim, and Jimmy Chou are the pros attempting to out-duel the AI.

– Portugal could be sharing poker liquidity with the rest of Europe as soon as April 4th if approved by the European Commission.