EVANSVILLE, IN – A sleepy Indiana town has become an epicenter for poker enthusiasts after word leaked out early yesterday that pocket aces held up in a 3-6 limit game run by Evansville’s Aztar Casino.

Sources report that the pair of aces was dealt to Louisville, KY resident Brent “The Beav” Majorton at approximately 11:17 pm EST. Brent was dealt aces in first position, raised the bet to $6, and was subsequently called by 7 of the 9 players acting behind him. After a flop of Qd 4s 8h, a 2d on the turn and a 2h on the river, Brent flipped over his Ah Ad and, in a virtually unprecedented event, the 7 other players who had called along the whole way mucked their hands in turn.

“Really?”, asked noted poker author David Sklansky. “Wow. Well, i’d say more about it, but since you’re not paying me, I have a terrible EV here.”

Onlookers said that Majorton reacted with growing excitement as each player mucked one by one at the sight of the aces. When the final player tossed his cards, Majorton slapped the table and, according to sources, shouted either “hot damn” or “alright.”

In related news, players on the east coast have reported unusually large occurrences of split two pair staying good through showdown.

Article by Chris Grove.