I’ve been involved in the poker industry for quite some time. But I’ve never gone to the World Series of Poker, either as a player or a member of the media.

So, I was in Las Vegas this past weekend, and decided to stop by the Rio just to see what the WSOP looks like — sans all the poker players — since I’m likely not to be there yet again this year.

And, before I start, I should say I got kicked out, as well (not in a mean manner, more like, “you’re not supposed to be back here.” I was kindly asked to leave the area). I guess it’s not terribly surprising. I didn’t call ahead as a member of a media. But there also wasn’t anything really telling members of the public not to go inside. There were a few stanchions with openings, but no signs declaring the WSOP area off limits.

Anyway, the grand takeaway? It’s not that exciting. There are a lot of tables. And signs. But it was still cool just to see what it looks like in person.

The stuff that is actually of interest:

  • They really appear to be pushing playing at WSOP.com this year. I know they did promote it last year. But having not been on site in 2014, I am not sure how much signage they had. This year, players can qualify for the online bracelet event, and the WSOP is telling players they can play on site at the Rio.
  • There is already a lot of signage for the Global Poker Index. The GPI just finalized a deal to power the WSOP player of the year race, so perhaps that’s not a surprise. But I saw a lot of GPI presence scattered throughout the poker areas.
  • Here’s some pictures, if you’re curious. Good luck to everyone who is playing. And maybe I’ll see some of you there when they are actually playing poker, some day.