Season 12 of the European Poker Tour gets underway August 19th in Barcelona. PokerStars has posted a blog on EPT changes that players can expect for the popular Poker Stars-sponsored event series. The list of changes includes tweaks to some table rules, registration rules as well as minor changes to structure and games.

The European Poker Tour remains one of the most popular poker series in the world. Season 11, which was held in seven cities including Barcelona, London, Prague, Paradise Island, Deaville, Malta and Monte Carlo, saw 66,000 entries with €139,000,000 in prize money awarded over 374 events.

European Poker Tour Schedule for 2015-2016 (Season 12)

There are currently six stops on this year’s EPT.

EPT Barcelona – August 19th to 30th – Schedule/More Info
EPT Malta (St Julian’s) – October 21st to 31st – Schedule/More Info
EPT Prague – December 6th to 16th – Schedule/More Info
2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (Bahamas) – January 6th-14th – Schedule/More Info
EPT Dublic – February 10th to 20th – Schedule/More Info
EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final – April 26th to May 6th – Schedule/More Info

EPT has made an app available that contains information on all EPT events and structure that can be downloaded via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

New European Poker Tour Table Rules

Rules have been relaxed for electronic devices at the tables this year, which are getting a new look.

New chips, new tables, – Players will get to play with new chips on new tables, with occasional 4-color decks to see how players like playing with the cards online. The new tables will be equipped with USB sports available at each seat to charge devices. You will need to bring your own cord, however.

Electronic devices at the table – Players can now place electronic devices on the rail (although placing them on the surface of the table is still not allowed). Laptops without power cords will now be allowed at all tables.

New rule on being away from the table – Hands will now be unplayable if the player is not at their seat by the time the last card is dealt to players. Previously, a player would not be dealt cards if they were not at their seat when the first card was dealt.

No broadcasting at the table – Players will not be able to film at the table with apps such as Meerkat and Periscope.

New European Poker Tour Structure and Games Changes

A few tweaks to structure and non-Hold’em events are among the changes to the schedule and games offered this year.

New Non-Hold’em Events – €500 and €5,000 events will be placed on each schedule for non-Hold’em events. This is being done to “add as much variety as possible during [the] Festivals.”

More variety in tournaments – Sextuple Omaha, Quintuple Stud, Quintuple Draw, Spitsville Dealer’s Choice, High Hand Holdem, Allin or Fold, Big Bet Mix, Dealer’s Choice HORSE are among the new games that players can expect during season 12. The EPT is also promising the return of EPT staples such as Midnight Hyper Turbos, Super Hold’em, Win the Button, Deuces Wild and Flipouts.

Streamlined High Roller and Super High Roller tournaments – All European Poker Tour stops will have a High Roller and Super High Roller on day 1A and 1B of the Main Event. The 3-day High Roller on Day 4-6 will not change.

Cashless rebuys – Players can only purchase rebuys with EPT cash chips or casino cash chips, except for the Prague EPT stop.

New High Roller structure changes – Instead of having a double level at 25/150/300, it will be a single level and add a 50/250/500 level. EPT says that these changes should not affect the length of this tournament.

Registration Changes for the European Poker Tour

Finally, there are a few registration related changes concerning VPPs and PSLive balances.

VPPs – PokerStars will not credit a player’s PokerStars account when they buy-in to a EPT event with real money from a PokerStars account.

New payment method – Players can now be paid winnings in a PSLive balance for future EPT events.

PS Live preregistration – Preregistration can be done with EPT events with PSLive balance.

Changes for online satellite qualifier payouts – For those players that qualify through a satellite and don’t buy-in directly, these players can only receive double the buy-in in cash, with the rest paid to a player’s PokerStars account.

Need More Info?

Players can view a full list of Tournament rules at the official European Poker Tour page. Players are asked to provide ideas, questions, concerns and comments by emailing, registrations@pslive or @pokerstarsEPT on Twitter.