For the second consecutive year, Alexandre Dreyfus and the Global Poker Index will host the American Poker Conference, and with the announcement of the panels, along with some of the panelists, the schedule for the second annual American Poker Conference is starting to take shape.

The conference will once again precede the rest of the day’s festivities, which also include the inaugural Global Poker League draft and the second annual American Poker Awards.

The Conference portion of the day runs from 9:00 AM until 12:15, and includes four separate panel discussions. Here’s a look at the Conference portion of the day.

Always start with a meet and greet… and food

The very long day (the conference, GPL draft, and American Poker Awards ceremony is likely to last around 12 hours) will get started at 8:30 with a welcome breakfast at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The poker conference kicks off with an eSports discussion

The first panel of the day runs from 9:00 – 9:30 AM, where the yet to be announced guest speakers will discuss the potential for poker to capitalize on, and perhaps borrow from, the success of the eSports industry.

This will almost certainly be the most forward thinking panel of the day, and will likely be big on ideas and opinions, with the word “millennials” a good choice for any drinking game you may be planning.

Dreyfus has dubbed this discussion, The boom of the E-Sports industry: an example to follow for poker?

Poker’s woman problem

Following the eSports/poker convergence discussion, a new group of panelists will take the stage to discuss one of the more controversial and perplexing problems poker faces: how to get more women into poker rooms?

There are no shortage of theories to explain why women are so underrepresented in poker rooms, and hopefully there will be robust debate on this very important topic.

The second panel will run from 9:45 – 10:15 AM and is titled, Women in poker: how could a more balanced gender diversity redynamise the live poker world?

The panelists for this panel have yet to be announced.

The future of poker media

From 10:30 – 11:15 AM four poker media veterans, and one yet to be named player, will try to answer the question posed in the panel description, does the future of poker media have to be based on players’ self-marketing & starification?

This is the only panel where the speakers have been revealed:

  • Panel moderator: Matthew Parvis (, Chief Creative Officer)
  • Adam Schwartz (2+2 Podcast Host)
  • Donnie Peters (, Editor in Chief)
  • Lance Bradley (, President & Editor in Chief )
  • One player (tba)

Based on the moderator and panelists, I expect this panel to stick to the main theme, and focus on the poker media’s role in the marketing of poker players.

Uniting the poker community

The final panel will be player-focused, where the still to be announced speakers will discuss what the community can do collectively to push forward their agenda. The panel, dubbed, Players’ panel: how to improve collective initiatives among the players community to efficiently impact the industry, will run from 11:30 – 12:15 AM.

What direction this panel takes, and what specific topics they will hit on is largely dependent on who the American Poker Conference settles on as guest speakers.

The remainder of the day

When the conference ends at 12:15 there will be a lunch break followed by the inaugural Global Poker League draft, where representatives from the 12 franchises will begin to assemble their teams.

Following a break after the GPL Draft, the American Poker Awards ceremony will begin, complete with a sit down dinner.